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About me

TL:DR I'm a geek

I'm a full-stack software developer, always looking for the new challenging projects. Most of my web work is in PHP and Javascript. My PHP framework of choice is Symfony. When it comes to Javascript, I like working with React, but Vanilla JS is preferred whenever possible, especially for back-end Javascript. I also do machine learning projects in Python, and have working experience with microcontrollers.

Oh, and I also develop mobile apps. Most of them are in React Native, but I have written a few in Java (on Android), Objective C and Swift (on iOS)

Aside from software development, I also do my own DevOps. Most of my web apps are running of AWS. Currently, my favorite toys are Serverless and Kubernetes.

I do have a life outside software development. I love traveling the world, and learning new languages. You can work with me in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian and Greek. If you don't want to work with me, that's OK. You can send me a meme in one of these languages, and we'll laugh together.